I Will Go


I discovered Starfield last summer. We sang two of their songs at New Attitude last year. I really liked them! So, I went onto iTunes and bought their Double Take. It's a great deal, 2 cds for $14.99! In February, I was able to hear them in concert. I'm can be underwhelmed at concerts, so I was trying to keep my expectations low. They were exceeded! Very godly, humble men that are more focused on glorifying God than looking cool. At the end of March they came out with a new cd, I Will Go. I couldn't wait to hear it! I've been waiting to get it on sale (like around $10), but I haven't been able to find it. So, I downloaded it off iTunes for $7.99! Once again, my expectations were exceeded! It's an amazing cd! Next to David Crowder Band (my all time favorite band!!!), they're top of the list. Musically they're very good and remind me of some of the old classic rock type styles. Lyrically they hit it out of the park! They're rich, reformed, God-glorifying lyrics draw me closer to my Savior. I love to worship to this cd. My prediction is that we'll sing Remain at NA this year!

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